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Pure Siberian Husky's, 2 Girls 3 Boys

 Greater London Greater LondonAge | For Sale by brayant


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Pets Age : 3 Month 13 Day Old

Description :We are looking for forever home for 5 gorgeous puppies.pictures detailed 1, Sabrina (mummy) 2, Sebastian (Daddy) 3,4,5 Tri Colour, very active boy with deep blue eyes 6,7,8 Light Grey boy with a super coat, blue eyes 9,10 Smallest but looks the biggest boy, his coat is really fluffy and cuddly. he is really laid back and loves cuddles. if we had room he would be the one we kept. 13,14 light tri colour bitch, matt trained and very smart. 15,16,17 Gingery tri colour boy, very nice coat. love being active and loves cuddles. any question please feel free to message us Sabrina and Sebastian are family pets have had the most amazing litter of pure breed Siberian huskies. Sabrina being tri colour and Sebastian pure white. Sabrina and Sebastian have a true family temperament and can be seen as we have both pets at home. we have 4 boys and 1 girls, most with brilliant deep blue eyes. All puppies have been handled from birth. we have a small cavapoo that as helped out with playtime :) and young children so puppies are used to both.Puppies will be matt trained and vet checked with all worming and first injections. puppies were all vet checked at 2 weeks with no problems. puppies have all been suckling on mummy for the last 5 weeks and are now on solid puppy food. All puppies will be microchipped.we would like to meet every potential family and ask a few questions. we love are pups just as much as we want them to be loved by you.

Advice when buying a Siberian Husky

Please read the following advice before buying a new pet, you should also read our article on avoiding scams :
  • NEVER make the decision to get a dog or puppy on a whim. A dog is a lifetime commitment and a lot of thought should go in to it before making the decision.
  • NEVER buy a new dog or puppy without being able to visit it at its home. If someone wants to meet you and makes excuses why you cant go to their home, just walk away and report it to us.
  • HELP US TO STOP PUPPY FARMING, read our PUPPY FARMING Information, in association with C.A.R.I.A.D
  • Read our detailed Information guide about dogs for potential new dog owners.
  • Puppies should not leave their mother until at the very least, 8 weeks old.
  • Read our Airedale Terrier breed information profile to research and find out more about this breed.
  • NEVER send money to someone for a pet using Western Union or Money Gram, as your money cannot be traced once sent.
  • Ask to see the pedigree papers and ensure the breeder's name is on the certificate.
  • Recently some advertisers are advertising their pets as Pedigrees, but when people have gone to buy the pet, the seller has made excuses and said they will post on the pedigree papers. NEVER pay for a KC registered dog or Pedigree Club dog if they dont have the certificates as you may never receive them.
  • Be wary of outlets offering more than one or two breeds
  • When visiting the seller note the surroundings and never go alone
  • Visit the puppy more than once
  • The breeder should want to know about you too
  • Ask to see the puppies mother - be very suspicious if you can't

Puppies bred commercially, indiscriminately and carelessly are likely to…

  • Develop disease
  • Have temperamental problems
  • Be difficult to housetrain
  • Find adjusting to family life hard
  • Suffer physical defects and have hereditary weaknesses
  • Think carefully before buying and do not buy the pet because you feel sorry for it.
  • If you buy from an unscrupulous breeder or dealer, you will be supporting their trade in misery. Every one you buy, another takes it place.