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Australian Cattle Dog Rehoming

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Pets Age : 1 Year 4 Month 20 Day Old

Description :ACDS of GB Welfare helps rescue or rehome Australian Cattle Dogs in need. Thankfully they are relatively few because responsible breeders take back dogs they have bred or at least help to rehome them if necessary. When dogs do come into rescue they are give a basic health check, microchipped and usually neutered if that has not already been done. As a Kennel Club recognised rescue there will be insurance cover for the first four weeks for the new owner. Depending where the dog has come from there may be some health information available. BAER hearing tested - ACDs can have congenital deafness so puppies are normally tested by a specialist hearing test which reads the brain activity and can tell if a puppy is deaf in either ear. Both parents should have been fully health tested for the conditions recognised to be a problem in the breed: PRA (Progressive loss of sight) & PLL - (Painful detachment of the lens that causes glaucoma and loss of vision). DNA tests for these conditions mean breeders can breed without producing any affected pups. Both parents should have been Hip & Elbow Scored on the KC/BVA scheme to check their joints are healthy and that they are sound examples from which to breed. If no certification is available then Welfare cannot guarantee that the dog will not have these conditions but will advise what symptoms may arise and the possible consequences. Advice on the suitability of the individual dog for the home will be given but a dog which is in kennels may not display behaviours which could be a problem in a home environment.

Advice when buying a Australlian Cattle Breed

Please read the following advice before buying a new pet, you should also read our article on avoiding scams :
  • NEVER make the decision to get a dog or puppy on a whim. A dog is a lifetime commitment and a lot of thought should go in to it before making the decision.
  • NEVER buy a new dog or puppy without being able to visit it at its home. If someone wants to meet you and makes excuses why you cant go to their home, just walk away and report it to us.
  • HELP US TO STOP PUPPY FARMING, read our PUPPY FARMING Information, in association with C.A.R.I.A.D
  • Read our detailed Information guide about dogs for potential new dog owners.
  • Puppies should not leave their mother until at the very least, 8 weeks old.
  • Read our AUSTRALIAN CATTLE BREED breed information profile to research and find out more about this breed.
  • NEVER send money to someone for a pet using Western Union or Money Gram, as your money cannot be traced once sent.
  • Ask to see the pedigree papers and ensure the breeder's name is on the certificate.
  • Recently some advertisers are advertising their pets as Pedigrees, but when people have gone to buy the pet, the seller has made excuses and said they will post on the pedigree papers. NEVER pay for a KC registered dog or PEDIGREE CLUB dog if they dont have the certificates as you may never receive them.
  • Be wary of outlets offering more than one or two breeds
  • When visiting the seller note the surroundings and never go alone
  • Visit the puppy more than once
  • The breeder should want to know about you too
  • Ask to see the puppies mother - be very suspicious if you can't

Puppies bred commercially, indiscriminately and carelessly are likely to…

  • Develop disease
  • Have temperamental problems
  • Be difficult to housetrain
  • Find adjusting to family life hard
  • Suffer physical defects and have hereditary weaknesses
  • Think carefully before buying and do not buy the pet because you feel sorry for it.
  • If you buy from an unscrupulous breeder or dealer, you will be supporting their trade in misery. Every one you buy, another takes it place.